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Publicatie: 06 December 2023

Coen Ottenheijm – Chair NL-NMD research symposium

The goal of the NL-NMD research symposium is to connect NL-based NMD researchers, from very experienced ones to the very young ones that just entered the NMD community. Hence, in addition to the four invited speakers, we offer young researchers a platform by means of ‘flash poster presentations’. These are short presentations (max. five minutes) to showcase your ongoing work.

We encourage all young researchers (from PhD’s to young PI’s) to submit an abstract. We aim to give all abstract submitters the opportunity to present their work as flash poster presentation. In case more abstracts are submitted than the number of time slots allows for, we will make a selection of the abstracts for flash poster presentation.

Please send your abstracts (max 300 words) to, ultimately by Friday December 15th.