September 2021
  • 20 Sep T/M 24Sep

    World Muscle Society Congress 2021

    The WMS 2021  Congress will be held virtually on 20-24 September 2021

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  • 22 Sep T/M 24Sep

    International Course and Conference on Neuromuscular Imaging (ICCNMI) 2021

    This 9thAnnual Meeting of the International Society of Peripheral Nerve Imaging (ISPNI) will take place online.

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October 2021
  • 19 Oct T/M 23Oct
    Montreal, Canada

    ASHG Meeting 2021

    The annual meeting of American Society of Human Genetics provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of cutting-edge science in all areas of human genetics.

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November 2021
  • 07 Nov T/M 09Nov
    Berlin - Germany

    Imaging in Neuromuscular Disease Conference 2021

    This conference brings together many stakeholders in the field of MRI in neuromuscular disease, including but not limited to MR specialists, clinicians, pharmaceutical companies and MR vendors. Abstract submission deadline is 1st June 2021.

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  • 11 Nov T/M 12Nov

    DCRM 2021

    De Nederlandse Vereniging van Revalidatieartsen (VRA) organiseert elk najaar het meerdaagse jaarcongres ‘Dutch Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine’.

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  • 17 Nov
    Utrecht, Nederland

    Belgisch-Nederlandse Neuromusculaire Studieclub

    Deze bijeenkomst wordt twee maal per jaar georganiseerd. Op 17 november 2021 zal deze plaatsvinden in Utrecht.

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March 2022
  • 16 Mar T/M 19Mar
    Prague, Czech Republic

    4th Global Conference on Myositis 2022

    The conference takes place in Prague after it was postponed in 2021. The international meeting brings together specialists dealing with every aspect on myositis.

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