MYOS goals and background
The neuroMuscular YOung Scientists (MYOS) program of SCN focuses on talented young researchers in the field of neuromuscular diseases in the Netherlands. The program stimulates networking opportunities, provides opportunities for career distinctions such as thesis or paper awards, triggers the development of additional financial instruments to retain talent for the neuromuscular field and gives a voice to talented young researchers in the field.  The ultimate goal of MYOS is to enrich career opportunities for (clinical) researchers and retain top talent in the neuromuscular field.

Who can be a part of MYOS?
The target group of the MYOS Program is broadly defined for researchers with ambition for neuromuscular diseases and covers the period from the application date of PhD defense to date of permanent appointment as a researcher or member of the medical staff  and / or promotion to associate prof or PI. Job descriptions are not uniform between departments and academic centers, but commonly used job terms for MYOS potentials are: postdoc, assistant professor, research or clinical fellow, research assistant and senior researcher.

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Current MYOS committee members

Maartje Huijbers
Luuk Wieske
Josine de Winter
Ruben van Eijk
Nadine van der Beek
Karlien Mul
Nicole Voet
Rosella Avagliano Trezza
Johan Lim

MYOS events
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